Gutter Guards Explained

gutter guards

BEFORE getting into the specifics on why you should install gutter guards in your gutter systems, it is first important to understand just how your gutter works. Gutters are basically designed to eliminate rainwater from your property’s foundation to prevent water from reaching the ground. For this reason, they require maintenance and are subject to wear and tear. Because of this, gutter guards are often installed for aesthetic reasons.


The most common installation method of gutter guards is done with the use of a cable system that is either attached to your gutters themselves or run above them. Other methods include making holes on the side of the gutter to allow debris to pass through and large solid chunks of leaves to fall through as well. Some materials that have been used in gutter guards include copper, iron, vinyl, plastic, wood, PVC and real leaves. Other types of materials may not be strong enough to handle the weight of twigs, pine needles and other large debris.


When combined with a proper roof, gutter guards will protect your roof from damage due to overflowing leaves and twigs. Unfortunately, clogged gutters can be very dangerous as falling leaves and debris can cause injury by clogging your gutter and causing water to leak onto your roof and property. Clogged gutters can also cause leaking which can lead to other structural problems on your roof. Installing gutter guards can help prevent damage and costly roof repairs.


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