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The Benefits of IPAF Training

The IPAF training for platform operators is a world-renowned training program. It has been developed by leading industry experts. It is formally certified by T V as well as NICEIC as conforming to both the global standard ISO 15825 Mobile work platforms safety and protection. Over 100,000 mobile operators have been trained every year. This makes it a very reputable training provider.

The Philosophy Of Ipaf Training

The training provides the operator with knowledge of OSHA, ASME, MDA, NIOSH, and others pertinent to the job. They learn how to perform their job duties safely and how to comply with OSHA, ASME, MDA, and others pertinent to the work they do. They also learn about OSHA’s safety regulations and other regulations in the industry that need to be followed.

The classroom tutorials provide hands-on training. The training includes everything from OSHA’s Safety and Health Administration (SHSSA) requirements to Canadian standards. The textbooks include all textbook material as well as any supplementary reading needed to meet the requirements for your OSHA licence or permit. All the textbooks are accompanied by approved practice exams for the examination administered after passing the course, which also includes all questions from the exam as well as any notes and solutions to help you improve your answers.

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