An Introduction to Linear Pendant Lighting

Linear pendant lighting is a modern twist on the classic swag light and has become very popular in homes all over the world. Pendants can be either handcrafted or machine made and are now available in many different styles and colors to fit almost any decor. The concept of lighting up a space with the lights guiding around an entire ceiling has been around for centuries, but using this technique in your home is a new twist on an old theme. Because these types of lights require direct line of sight, they tend to work better in larger rooms such as a living room or family room.


The way that pendants are designed makes them ideal for places where you don’t want to have a lot of lighting, yet want a certain type of glow. For example, if you are working on a design for a play or another display, having a dramatic display with lots of lighting would be inappropriate. By using a lighted necklace instead, you can get a beautiful understated lighting effect which creates a feeling of intimacy while still allowing the eye to see clearly. This type of lighting works great in the bathroom and for reading purposes, and even has applications as lighting for hallways or other nooks and crannies where task lighting might not be needed.


One thing you will want to keep in mind when you are choosing a pendant light is where it will be hung. Not all styles work well at all heights, so be sure to choose one that is adjustable if you plan to move it up or down. You also may want to purchase a cordless version so you don’t have to worry about running wires all over your house and potentially tripping them on something. The best part is that they are small enough to tuck away under your bed or anywhere else that you can find a wall to hang it from.


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