A Wide Variety of Industrial Scales and Their Uses

Industrivekter scales used in the pharmaceutical, bio-medical, chemical, hospital, food service, petroleum, pulp and paper, rubber and steel industries are precision instruments that measure bulk quantities of materials. Industrial scales are primarily used for measuring liquids and semi-solids. They are also used to measure and display the weight and volume of finished products.

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Most industrial scales come with digital displays that show the level of material load, its weight and the time it takes to remove the load. The reno forklift has an integrated digital display screen that can be seen from a distance. Portable weighing scales can be handheld or stand-up weigh platforms. Some of these portable weighing scales can be loaded from the rear of forklifts or by using push buttons or levers.

There is a wide variety of industrial scales available in the market today. Some of them are designed to meet specific industry requirements, while some are general purpose devices that are suitable for all purposes. These include digital scales, non-digital scales, counterbalance, magnetic or linear weight scales, rackmounted, vertical, inclined, rack and horizontal, non-weighted, wire line, and automatic or manual pallet counting scales. The reno forklift is a good example of heavy lifting equipment that uses a wide variety of industrial scales.


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